Rock on With the X Rocker Pro Gaming Chair

We all have that one game. That one game that you call in sick for work to play. No matter how much you play it, you always come back for more. When you have a game like this, there is only one way to play it. In style. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the X Rocker Pro 2.1 Wireless gaming chair.

When it comes to getting you the best sound, the X Rocker means business. Right on the headrest are two speakers. This is the perfect placement of sound to put you inside the game. But don’t think you have to keep it all to yourself. It’s simple to link up multiple chairs for multiplayer action. Oh, and for all you control freaks out there, the X Rocker Pro comes with an easily accessible panel where you can change the audio and bass to your liking.

We’ve covered the tech, but how is the actual chair? The chair has a comfortable design that gives you the full back support needed for those long nights of grinding in your favorite RPG. Once playtime is over, it folds away easily for storage until it’s time to log in and save the world again. If you’re in the mood for some immersive gaming, you can pick up the Pro here.